​ACADEMICS: Pre School

(Nursery, Pre-K & Kindergarten)

Timeless Teaching in a Changing World

When our young learners see education as a place to connect, experiment, construct and create, they develop a more expansive mindset about what school can offer them.  Their educational experience becomes a path of discovery, wonder, understanding, 

and joy.

Nursery: Minimum 2.9-Year-Olds
For many of our nursery students, our program is their introduction
to a setting outside of a family member's home. 
We view each of these little ones as precious gems and see in them unlimited potential.  Our job is to affirm our children and help them explore the wonderful world of learning, creating, and socializing while developing a strong sense of self. 
Pre-Kindergarten: 4-Year-Olds

Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) is part of the New York State educational reform legislation enacted in 1997. The Learning Tree recognizes the critical importance of early learning for all children. Research shows the positive outcomes of early education programs, like Pre-K.

In TLT’s Pre-Kindergarten classroom, there is a well-balanced mix of play-based learning and formal learning.  Our program provides children with lots of time and space to explore, play, and express themselves while introducing the routines and structures that help support their development as learners and offer them a sense of security as children.  Through engaging and age-appropriate activities, Pre-K students learn to socialize and develop essential life and community skills.  

Kindergarten: 5-Year-Olds

Finding the right early education can be challenging for parents. Kindergarten children are naturally curious and come to school eager to learn and engage with friends and teachers. They explore their sense of self and their place in the world while developing a sense of responsibility and taking pride in their accomplishments.


At The Learning Tree, kindergarten students are joyful learners engaged in a thoughtfully designed kindergarten curriculum, supported by a nurturing, safe community.

Dramatic Play
Dramatic Play

PK Building Blocks
PK Building Blocks

Dramatic Play
Dramatic Play

Dramatic Play
Dramatic Play

Pre School Dates


THU, NOV 19, Time TBD

1st Report Card

(Parent Conference - Location: TBD)


2nd Report Card

(Conference Upon Request)

TUE, JUN 22, Time TBD

PreK Moving Up Ceremony

THU, JUN 24, Time TBD

Kindergarten Graduation


Last Day of School

3:00pm Dismissal

(No after school)