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​Imagine a school where learning is a joy ...
- where the curriculum is designed to prepare students for a changing world;
- where everyone discovers the exhilarating chemistry between academics and the arts.

Welcome to The Learning Tree Cultural Preparatory School (TLT). 

At The Learning Tree we nurture, educate and graduate the next generation of leaders.

The Learning Tree offers a curriculum and programs that are truly ​child-centered. We encourage all prospective families to explore more about our school and the admissions process. 
Our Mission Statement

Students will meet and exceed academic state standards, develop exemplary character and civic mindedness, and have knowledge of our global and technological society.

8th Grade, Class of 2018
in a South African
Our Mission

The Learning Tree's staff, in partnership with parents, will create a school climate in which students are invited to:

  • Be responsible and clean in thought, word and deed

  • Develop moral exemplary characters

  • Develop a positive self-image

  • View themselves as self-directed learners

  • Master basic and grade level skills and objectives by meeting and exceeding state standards

  • Gain a clear idea of what it means to be a competent member of society

  • Develop a keen awareness of art, humanities and technology

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