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Uniform Policy


and GYM UNIFORMS (including shoes):

General Uniform Policy

All students in grades K through 8 are required to wear a proper TLT uniform daily!  Substitutions are not allowed! Parents are notified in advance of days when the uniform is not required.  Students who are not in uniform may not be allowed in class, and may be sent home!

  • Our uniform is green plaid with a red stripe (no yellow).

  • All students' uniforms should be clean and pressed.

  • Children should wear crisp, white blouses or shirts each day.

  • The shirts or blouses should not be over-sized (they are more challenging to keep clean).

  • Boys' pants should be worn near the waist with a belt.

  • Boys should not wear earrings while in school.

  • Girls skirts should be below the knee (or longer).

  • Girls and boys should wear navy or black low-heel shoes.

  • Boots are not to be worn in school. During inclement weather, students can wear boots but must change into their shoes upon arrival.

Students in grades K through 8, in addition to their regular uniform, must purchase a gym uniform. The gym uniform consists of a Learning Tree sweatsuit and a Learning Tree T-shirt.


Additional T-shirts may be purchased separately.

All Students MUST come to school in appropriate clean uniforms daily.

Contact the school for information regarding where to purchase uniforms.


Elementary School:  Grades K - 5

Grades K-3:  Jumper, white blouse (peter pan collar), green tights.
Grades 4-5:  Skirt, white blouse, green v-neck sweater vest with/emblem (must be purchased at Flynn O'Hara),
green tights.

Grades K-5:  Green pants, Green Cardigan sweater, white dress school shirt.
Grades 1-5:  Green sleeveless slipover sweater (must be purchased at Flynn O'Hara).


Middle School Grades:  6 - 8

Middle School boys wear gray pants (only), a navy (Tu & Th), and a red (M & W) sweater vest.
Middle School girls wear a TLT skirt, a navy (Tu & Th), and a red (M
 & W) vest, and blue tights. 

All Middle School children wear navy blazers.

*After Spring Break: 
​K - 8th grades may wear short sleeve white dress school shirts/blouses with their uniforms (no polo or t-shirts for grades K - 6th).  

7th & 8th grade ONLY may wear white TLT embroidered polo shirts, with beige khakis.

1) All students must be in proper GYM uniforms on their scheduled gym days. 

2) Please confirm the gym days with your child's teacher.


3) Gym uniforms are available and can be ordered in the Main Office.


4) During inclement weather, students can wear boots to school but must bring and change into their shoes upon arrival.

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