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​ACADEMICS: Elementary School

(First, Second, Third, Fourth & Fifth)

Timeless Teaching in a Changing World

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In Elementary School ... 

Where better to affirm children and teach them to succeed in school and life, than in their early years and in their community? 


The Learning Tree offers a curriculum and programs that are truly child-centered. Through a capable, dedicated and compassionate staff committed to developing in our children a strong sense of themselves and a solid foundation in the basics, our students are supported in being confident and able learners.

The Learning Tree follows the New York State curriculum and enriches it with strong arts and cultural studies components. Math, reading, writing, science, social studies, arts, African Diaspora and physical education are all important components of our curriculum. We also emphasize the development of social skills and character.  Students engage in community service projects, field trips, and class plays. 


Curriculum is complemented with appropriate field trips: Third grade takes a full-day cultural trip to Pennsylvania Dutch Country, fourth grade visits Historic Pennsylvania, and fifth grade takes a three-day field trip to our nation’s capital and other historic locations. First and second grades also take various educational trips.

Elementary School Dates


THU, DEC 16, 2021

1st Report Card

(Parent Conference - TBD)

THU, MAR 31, 2022

2nd Report Card

(Conference Upon Request)

To Be Determined

Award Ceremony


THU, JUN 23, 2022

Last Day of School

3:00pm Dismissal

(No after school)

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